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a friendly pony group for all :3
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Stuff poeple ove me ( just making a list here since its the best way of remembering ^^; )


1. Sarahostervig 21 commissions and the valentine pics + the YPH pic
2. Prisma-neko a pic of my flower bell bum pony xD (PAID)
3. Dinneroll shaded pic of twinkie spring and forest shine (PAID)
4. Kao-Ko pic of Lumina (PAID)
5. oOSolarEclipseOo pic of lumina (PAID)
6. Juvialle a pic of lumina (PAID)
7. ZodiacZero a pic of fun flower here… (PAID)
8. Kajitanii a pic of little bliss (PAID)
9. kyliott a pic of frozen moon (PAID)
10. DayDreamSyndrom icon of artia (PAID)

1. HitMeWithBrokenLeave hitmewithbrokenleave.deviantar…
2. pklcha 3 breeds here…
3. REDandYELLOWZ / :iconbluesstuff:… and…
4. RAINBOWcolorz one breeding between funflower and (PAID) and one between stardust and captain-plastic-pony.deviantar…
5. Shi-Adopts just one left…
6. CuppieCakeAdopts…
7. snowkit96… (free)
8. EdgeofFear… (free)
9. KurosuAi… (PAID)

if i where to draw the mane six (from the show) as one of my spicies wich one of these would you prefer xD? 

2 deviants said blizzard ponies Blizzard Ponies (reff) by xXErisuXx
1 deviant said Labun's Labun reff sheet by xXErisuXx
1 deviant said a mix of all (earth ponies as labun's, unicorns as blizzard ponies and pegasy as stardust ponies)
No deviants said stardust ponies Star Dust Ponies by xXErisuXx


:iconclmeow5000: :iconrebeccabajanjerome: :icondoodlebug-adoptable: :iconkelcieofsealand: :iconsugarybow:




xXErisuXx has started a donation pool!
4,091 / 10,000

its freaking enoying and will only make me report your message as spam and if you keep going block you

fanart and gifts are okay and more than welcome tho if used for RP, or in others breeding or such we got a problem >>

:iconreversetoewigglesplz: :icondesueyeplz: :icondesumouthplz: :icondesueye2plz: :iconfurrytoewigglesplz:

Things id like to do after the commissions and stuff

1. fanart of other poeple's ponies :3
2. a new big breedable :3
3. group pictures og some of my oc's :3
4. my oc's as equestria girls xD (i know just thought it would be fun ^^ )
5. reff's of my oc's
6. blizzard ponies adopts and personal chars ^^

1. new Breedings CLOSED by xXErisuXx 50% Complete by SimplySilent
2. one prize breeding 25% Complete by SimplySilent
3. MYO spirit sumoner
4. MYO plant pony

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Some of my fave artists

:iconspace-kid: :iconsarahostervig: :iconpony-infirmary: :iconfattyfrogadopts: :iconkoveliana: :iconxnedra22: :iconapofiss: :iconglitternaut: :iconkawiku: :iconkayla-san: :iconmarymei: :iconsilk-ribbon: :iconfeatherblot: :iconsophiecabra: :iconsuperyuki: :iconsutexii: :iconwendlgo: :iconstickfigurequeen: :iconsayrailgun: :iconsaint-juniper: :iconreeane: :iconocrystal: :iconfurreon: :iconkamirah: :iconkeekoi: :iconsaphamia: :iconmn27: :iconfamosity: :icondashiana: :iconnyarmarr: :iconmylittlesheepy: :iconstepandy: :iconcelestiathegreatest: :iconequestria-prevails: :iconaylastardragon: :iconsakuyamon: :iconluciferific: :iconchoiicho: :iconcigarscigarettes: :iconmiss-suwa:

go here and se how you can report your art stolen on DA
How to report youre art stolen by xXErisuXx

Commission prices (CLOSED)

Thu Jul 31, 2014, 4:15 AM

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just making a list with the prices here since well there was a bit of a mess in my former one >w<


1. expresion icons
examples: Giggle cute icon commission by xXErisuXx Marry lee icon by xXErisuXx Sasha Cream-pie icon by xXErisuXx Kiari icon by xXErisuXx 3mma Icon Commission by xXErisuXx Icon commission for toxijen by xXErisuXx Secret star Icon by xXErisuXx Milk Dot icon by xXErisuXx 
Pretty puff icon by xXErisuXx Little bliss icon by xXErisuXx Fluttershy 100x100 icon (FREE TO USE) by xXErisuXx

small ones: 30 - 60 :points: (50 x 50 depending on oc)
big ones: 40 - 100 :points: (depending on the exact size and the oc)

theres both pixel shading and light or soft shading and light youre choise xD

2. Small blinking icons (personal base)
examples: Sit Icon base test 2 by xXErisuXx Sit Icon base test by xXErisuXx

price: 30 - 60 :points:


closed spicies
examples/info: Blizzard Ponies (reff) by xXErisuXx  Star Dust Ponies by xXErisuXx 
Spicie's info (NOT DONE YET)so i thought i should write the big info about my spicies >w<
first of there Blizzard ponies  (CLOSED SPICIE)
1.blizzard ponies usally live in a pack of many blizzard ponies, and usally i the mountains or cold areas
they can live alone and they can survive in ereas with up to 27 degrees
if the temprature is above 27 degrees there ice crystals start to melt and they tend to get weak. the butterfly wings are a bit more fragile and start to melt in the 25 degrees
2. blizzard ponies live of magical essence, usally found in the crustals in there caverns.
or if there not near there caverns the can take a bit of nomal unicorns magic,
tho normal ponies can se that as evil of sorts since it may weakend the unicorn a bit
3. theres only pegasy, unicorn, deamon winged and frost fairy in this spicie so no alicorns or eartponies
4. theres pretty much as many males as there is females
5. all of them wether there unicorn or not can use f

open spicies

Examples/info: Labun reff sheet by xXErisuXx Candy Ponies by xXErisuXx

with base
example: Presenting new breeder x3 by xXErisuXx (can chose the base youreself unless its a P2U or ATU i dont have) 

Closed spicies: 500 :points: / 5$
open spicies: 100 :points: / 1$
non spicies: 50-100 :points: / 0,50-1$

drawn myself: 

examples: Gaia Pony by xXErisuXx Starry Pony Auction by xXErisuXx Costum for kittenax by xXErisuXx Custom for Jojuki by xXErisuXx custom for SarahChemnitzPedersen by xXErisuXx (improved alot since >w<)

Closed spicies: 600 :points: / 6$
open spicies: 200 :points: / 2
non spicies: 100-200 :points: 1-2

Costum Form

gender: ( male or female xD? )
spicie: (one of mine or the unicorn pegasy and so on)
Theme: (not needed if you have a pallette but would be nice)
Palette: ( i surgest this site to find one or you could make a pic with you own ^^ )
Any personallity?: ( makes the pic more personal and all if you have one for it ^^ )
on base or drawn by me?:

Costum cutiemark

examples: CM Commission For Mechafone by xXErisuXx Forest shine CM by xXErisuXx Stardust's CM by xXErisuXx

price: 100-300 :points: / 1-3

Costum dress/gala outfit (drawing it all)

example: Starry Pony Auction by xXErisuXx (improved since then >w<)

price: 200-300 :points: / 2-3

PICTURES (when drawing pleace discribe the age and height you want)

Traditional sketches

examples: wwhhaaat are you looking at ?!? by FantasySkies Forest shine by FantasySkies R68 by FantasySkies You stuck? by xXErisuXx BAD Iggy by xXErisuXx

price: 50-80 :points: (depending on want you want and the oc)

Transparant BG

examples: Turo love? by xXErisuXx(improved since then and one more on the way)

small pic: 100-200 :points: / 1-2
big pic: 200-300 :points: / 2-3$

pattern BG

examples: Hearth's Warming Art for Littlesnowyowl 1 by xXErisuXx Be mine by xXErisuXx

small pic: 200-300 :points: / 2-3
big pic: 300-400 :points: / 3-4$

big BG

examples: Hearth's Warming Art for Littlesnowyowl 2 by xXErisuXx new dawn new day by xXErisuXx

lines: 700-900 :points: / 7-9
lineless: 700-1000 :points: / 7-10

i might change the prices a bit if i find something i think is wrong

1. first come first serves UNLESS ive had any sort of trouble with you before or youre a well know thief/scammer
2. just one spot per person for each time i open (i wont open so often and wont open many so this is what i find fair)
3. pay upfront/ pay before i begin (dindt think i needed to do that but clearly i have to)
4. please no adult content (its not my style ><)
5. if o find youre oc to hard to draw for me or i just cant draw it for some reason please dont be offendet i cant draw everything >>


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